Fermi Paradox – Existence Of Life On Other Planets

We live in a part of the universe known as Earth. The universe happens to be really huge and holds in many planetary elements like stars, sun, planets, and other observable universal particles. The universe is estimated to hold many planets with various unique features. Now the question that arises is, are those planets habitable or livable?

There is no proof of life existing in other planets. But that doesn’t mean life does not exist in those planets. Many scientist and researchers believe that life does endure in other planets which are more intelligent life forms. This question seems to be debatable and the answer or rather explanation to that question is given by the Fermi Paradox.

The Fermi Paradox is the debatable battle between the high probability of the existence of life in other planets and the total lack of any evidence of extraterrestrial life. Like we saw earlier in this article, there are probably hundreds of thousands of intelligent life forms out there. If life originated in any of those planets, they have had billions of year’s worth of evolution more than humans. There is no evidence to prove that it existed anywhere else. It was first studied by the physicist Enrico Fermi who studied the existence of extraterrestrial civilization. Enrico Fermi had mainly questioned the following details:

  • There are billions of stars just like Sun which are billion years older than the solar system
  • There are planets similar to earth, which may have developed intelligent life.
  • These intelligent lives might have developed interstellar travels.

Many people have various answers when it comes to the fermi paradox and is still not clear. Some feel that life there does not exist and if at all it existed, we would be aware of it by now. Most scientists and intellectuals believe that humans are not the only intelligent form of life in the entire universe and the prospect of life outside earth is quite high.

Let us wait till the proper evidence is found and Fermi Paradox is justified.

There are many concepts in physics that draw the attention of the reader all-time. Like Fermi paradox in Physics let us learn another interesting topic of finding the surface tension of the liquids.

Surface tension is the tendency of fluids surfaces to shrink into the minimum surface area possible. Surface tension is responsible for making the insects and light particles to float on the water surface. It is the aim of fluids to occupy the least surface area possible. The surface of the liquid behaves like an elastic sheet.

Example: The surface tension of water at 100 degrees C has a surface tension value of 0.059 N/m. The surface tension of mercury is 0.47 N/m.

Surface tension formula is expressed as:

SI unit of surface tension = N/m

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