Five ways to handle your next flight cancellation

Having your flight canceled doesn’t have to mean that you are stranded without options. Weather is unpredictable, and your plans can be quickly put on the hold once a storm rolls into town. Over 5000 flights have been canceled as a result of winter snowstorms this month.

Flight Cancellation

  1. Check-in Online

Bad weather can result in oversold flights. To avoid losing your seat, travelers should utilize online check-in through your airline and reserve your spot. As flights are canceled, stranded travelers search openings on other flights resulting in chaos at the gate. You are allowed to check-in up to 24 hours in advance of your flight.

  1. Stay Informed

Airlines are quite communicative online. Make sure you have their phone app or have access to their website. Some online portals also have flight status updates streaming in real-time. Make sure you know immediately once your flight is canceled. The sooner you know, the better options will be available for your new itinerary.

  1. Policy Rules

Make sure you have perused the policies of your airline in the event of a cancelation. Each airline has different polices for inclement weather and delays. Surprisingly there are no FAA requirements with regards to storm delays. Some carriers offer per diems for customers stranded. It’s worth knowing what is being offered before you spending money being somewhere other than your intended destination.

  1. Have Proof

It’s not a good idea to put very expensive items in your checked luggage when traveling. When you add weather related mass delays to the airport, you will want to rethink what is in your checked luggage. Lost luggage is an unfortunate reality of air travel, but make a note that the airline is only liable to reimburse your lost belongs up to $3300. If your luggage contains pricey items, you should have pictures and documents handy.

  1. Stay Polite

Being delayed in an airport is a stressful situation and can bring out the most colorful side of any traveler. Try to remember that no one has control over the weather. You are likely to be helped and assisted more expeditiously if you retain your composure.

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