Get your adverts unto Adblock Plus white list

A lot of your ads go unseen by a lot of individuals because they use the Internet ad-blocking software like AdBlock Plus. The home page of this software claims a number of 300 million downloads which may amount to 270 million to 300 million users.

To put minds at rest due to the overstatement most software manufacturers give to their product to attract customers, Adobe and PageFair in a recent report quoted 144 million internet users worldwide using this software. This estimate accounts for 5% of its entire internet users across the globe.

Adblock Plus

Published 6 months ago it may have experienced an upward change and still growing bigger with more subscribers signing on to the platform. Ad-blocking has seen a substantial change in the previous year and even more this year with Google Chrome’s adoption to this software.

What is more important now is how to get your ads past AdBlock Plus. The aim of the software is to carefully decipher which ads are acceptable and which are not. Those that are, are allowed to be included on a company white list. You just don’t put up an ad and expect to see it pass AdBlock Plus, it needs to pass through a procedure.

What is this procedure that we talking about? You first need to fill and complete an application form for AdBlock and wait for a response for a pass or not allowed. In order to earn a pass for the AdBlock Plus, you need to follow their policy. Your ad should not include animated images, it should be text only, clearly labeled as advertisement and separate from the online content.

You’ll need to make payment as the final lap to AdBlock Plus for access or placement of your advert on the company white list. Some of the tech giants like Google, Amazon and Microsoft do same.

If this makes you think that AdBlock Plus is probably trying to deprive us of our few coins then think through for a second time. Some of these tech giants have already hooked on to this software and reaping its benefits already. They’ve already crunched the big numbers to ascertain the profit level and started realizing huge benefits already.

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