Global Geothermal Projects Are Fleeting Upwards

Geothermal energy projects are set to grow globally due to the rapid growth in the various regions rich in geothermal resources. There are a number of companies and investment banks such as IADB and JICA collaborating to expand their natural energy resources. The major goal is to lower the greenhouse gas levels and also to meet the power demands of the public in the various regions in the coming years. About 44 new projects between March and September 2016 have taken up in 23 countries generating 1,562.5 MW of energy. The geothermal development rates aim to grow from 13.8 GW to 23 GW in the future. The list shows countries trying to go green.

Global Geothermal Projects Are Fleeting Upwards

  • Domo de San Pedro Geothermal field in Mexico generated 25.5 MW of electricity after its Unit 3 was commissioned in late April 2016.
  • Pilot geothermal projects expected to generate about 45 MW are been set up in Malaysia, Croatia, and Iran.
  • Velika Ciglena-Bjelovar Geothermal plant in Croatia will reach its COD in May 2017and generate 10 MW of planned electricity.
  • 5 MW Geothermal plant at Meshkin Shahr, Iran’s will reach its COD in the first half of 2020.
  • First Apas Kiri-Tawau geothermal plant in Malaysia is expected to reach COD by June 2018 and plans to generate 30 MW of planned capacity.
  • Six months completion required for the exploratory drilling started in August 2016 in Sanxing, Taiwan for the geothermal project
  • Dominica, the Caribbean island, plans to push its first geothermal-related bill through the parliament and also partner with New Zealand for it.
  • In order to build a 1,000 Km national power cable “The IceLink subsea HVDC power cable” between Great Britain and Iceland, a number of hydrothermal and geothermal plants generating 954 MW will be needed to meet the demand by 2035 in Iceland.
  • The Indian government plans to generate 1,000–10,000 MW power by 2030 as per the new official draft of “Indian geothermal energy development framework”.
  • China targets to generate 530 MV power by tripling its geothermal production in the next four years.
  • The Indonesian Government plans to make a fixed-price feed-in-tariff for accelerating geothermal development and the Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry is expected to cut down on permitting time of geothermal projects to a 3 Hour process.

Thus, 2017 and the future seems to be a brave new era for the geothermal projects.

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