Google Announces Achievers of the 2017 Google Play Awards

The digital world is piled up with mobile app build on various platforms. There might be very less people in the world who aren’t aware about the benefits of the mobile application. From booking a cab to ordering food or laundry services everything can be done through  these applications.

Google recently announced its Google Play   Awards a month ago. This event has highlighted the hottest titles of Google Play store. After the wrap up of I/0 2017, the tech giant has now rolled out its winners for various nominations.

Google jotted down 57 finalist to present the honor for best app or games across 12 categories. The list of the winners comprise many familiar names. The company selected the apps based on their accessibility, user experience, and delightful services. The winners include many   newbies coming in and also comprise of some famous one.

Google Announces Achievers of the 2017 Google Play Awards

Below is the full list of the winners that Google has chosen for the 2017 Google Play Awards.

·        Best TV Experience: Red Bull TV (free)

Red Bull is the entertainment platform that delivers high quality sports events, music festival, documentaries, and TV shows through easy premium and easy streaming with best accessibility whenever and wherever the user intends to see.

·        Best VR Experience: Virtual Virtual Reality ($8.99)

It is a virtual  reality-based game that gives a live experience of the actual world but in a virtual way.

·        Best AR Experience: Woorld (free)

This app is based on augmented reality, which allows the user to build virtual objects within real space and in real time.

·        Best Android Wear Experience: Runtastic Running & Fitness (free)

This is a fitness app that helps monitors health and achieve fitness goals.

·        Best App: Memrise (free)

This is an education-based community app that eases the learning experience and makes it fun to learn.

·        Best App for Kids: Animal Jam – Play Wild! (free)

·        Best Game: Transformers: Forged to Fight (free)

·        Best Multiplayer Game: Hearthstone (free)

·        Best Accessibility Experience: IFTTT (free)

·        Best Social Impact: ShareTheMeal (free)

·        Standout Indie: Mushroom 11 ($4.99)

·        Standout Startup: Hooked (free)


So folks, hope there will be some familiar apps in the list that you have already used. So share your views and stay tuned to know more about the updates.

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