Google Play Store Includes ‘Free App of the Week’ Section and Revamped ‘My Apps’ Section

Looking at the craze among the people to surf different apps provided online, it is not surprising of Google Play coming up with new features. Last week Google Play had launched new features that allowed developers display sales on their apps along with the free offers. Lately, it has added a new section called “’Free App of the Week’ which will showcase the weekly offers that will be available on the popular apps. The app is currently not available in India, but there is nothing to get disappointed. It is on its way to India soon.

Google Play Store Includes 'Free App of the Week' Section and Revamped ‘My Apps’ Section

In order to catch the attention of people, Google Play Store has listed the Card Wars: Adventure Time in the New section this week. The app is currently free but will later be charged $2.99. As per the officials, the app will be available for free for about five days only. The new Free App of the week is available on the Google Play Store’s page which can be used on the mobile as well as the desktop. The latest deals and offers that the popular apps have is what this section is going show.

In addition to the Free App of the Week, there is another section that has been recently spotted on the Play Store—My Apps revamp version. This version will help the users sort the apps present in the Library or installed in the alphabetical order, last used, last updated, and lastly as per the size of the file. This revamped my Apps section will have four new tabs such as Updates, Library, Installed, and Beta.

Google Play App has features such as deleting the current running price promotion on the paid apps or games while still showing the actual price of them. Surprise! The app plans to add a new editorial page soon, which will have the app editors provide exclusive gaming experience games via this section. On its five years of completion, the app had many games, apps, and other things released on the site to mark the significance of the day.

Google developers plan to bring about a big change in the world in order to mark a place for themselves in the history.

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