Google To Recommend Congress To Assist Obtain Self Driving Cars


The chief of the Google self driving cars plan will recommend the United States Congress (USC) on the Tuesday to award the national car safety regulators for the new authority is to speed up the opening of the self driving cars on the American roads. The Chris Urmson sketch to tell SCC (Senate Commerce Committee) helps to obtain the autonomous vehicles in the road, based on the prepared testimony. This is to be reviewed by the Reuters. They can proposed that the congress is to move the swiftly to offers secretary of the transportation with the new authority is to be approved by the life saving the safety innovations.

This type of new authority is to permit deployment of the innovative and the safety technologies that has to meet or to exceed the safety level needed by the existing of the federal standards and to ensure the process of the transport based on the testimony preparing process. The majority of the technology companies and the automakers are to racing to enhance and to sell the vehicles that have to drive the cars for themselves. The complaints are based on the federal safety rules and the testing are to be developed for the vehicles.

In the December month the California is to propose the new type of proposal based on the making of the rules and the safety measures for the vehicles. The self driving vehicle means the cars cannot have the licensed drivers and there is no human can activate this type of cars. For this California action the Google is to be disappointed. The working of the self driving cars is not the perfect way. This cannot be suitable for all the states and this can be unworkable for some of the bad situations. This statement was said by the Urmson Testimony.

The federal safety measures and the rules cannot be required for the autonomous vehicles. The federal safety measures re only needed for the human operated vehicles only like the rear mirror. In the January month, the NHSA (National Highway Safety Administration) said that the safety rules and the drivers are not suitable for the Self driving cars. The US rod has more traffic, at that situation the self driving cars can be work in the perfect way. The self driving cars are known all the safety measures and this can sense all the type of disturbances.

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