Google’s cashless Gmail E-Wallet rolls out in the UK

Receiving or paying cash so simple like sending an e-mail with the help of Google’s new E-Wallet app. At the click of a button you can now buy yourself a breakfast, lunch or supper. You can as well pay for your bills, transfer money to family and friends.

Important notes about new Google e-wallet:

  • Google’s e-wallet rolls out in the UK. A new era of free mobile payment system.
  • A cashless new technology you can use in making payment of any kind. Stores debit cards, credit cards and loyalty cards.
  • Gmail adds on a new feature to access payment(s) of any kind just like sending and receiving an e-mail. You can attach payment(s) and send to a friend or love one like sending a mail.
  • Access the Google app wallet by installing it in your Gmail account.
  • Payment by just a click at the snap of a finger.

Gmail Google Wallet

Are you a Gmail user? Things just got easier because this falls right into your domain. Access payment by just installing the app wallet into your Gmail account, that is just the first step to begin with. Attach payment just like attaching a normal file to your mail then hit the send button. Done, voila there you go, so easy. It was first launched in the US in May of 2011 and currently being rolled out to Google account holders in the UK. Another interesting function of this whole new technology is where Google account holders can transfer monies between their mail and their bank account.

There’s a security alert to this feature which protects users from fraudulent acts. The fraud alert monitoring service and the Google Wallet Fraud Protection Guarantee are there to track any fraudulent activities that may be carried out on this platform. Users can lock their wallet with a pin lock in addition to a screen lock. Google users sending money to love ones do not need to worry about them not having a Google account; they can send monies to them even if they do not have a Google account.

Click on the paper clip attachment and select either the dollar sign ($) or the British pound sign (£) to attach the transaction, type in the amount and hit the enter key.

Find out how to send money to friends using Gmail (video)

A key disadvantage however, is that you can only receive money by installing the app which can only be accessed on a desktop. Mobile app platforms currently do not support receiving money though it allows customers to send money. Customers therefore, can access retrieval of cash only through a desktop.

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