Government Enhanced 16,962 Cell Towers

Conference conducted by Government in that said, around 34,600 cell towers are not working properly but in that 16,962 have enhanced their performance. And work on that to improve other performance of towers is in process.

Government Enhanced 16,962 Cell Towers

Telecom department is concentrating on the service quality and maintenance on a weekly to 10-day basis with all operators an official statement from the Department of Telecom on Monday.

Out of 34,600 towers operating poorly, about 16,962 towers have better and the rest are in progress. The Telecom Regulatory power of India has also been requested to consider recommending incentives and disincentives for operators for call drops.

It confirmed that the government has been taking proactive measures to address the problems of call drops from April this year and the telecom secretary took a meeting of all operators, directing them to increase the quality of service.

Several key policy decisions have been taken, whereby the government buildings shall be allowed for installation of towers,” mentioned in statement. Also they said, the Department of Post has been directed to do so in a transparent manner. All these initiatives have been taken in the last three to four months.

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