Haima Typhoon strikes to China and causes more than US$ 700 mn losses


BEIJING: authorities have state; Typhoon Haima caused estimates worth of US$ 702 million losses in China’s three regions.

Xinhua news reported in the official statement of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, near about 114,000 residents have been moved, 239,500 hectares of crops and approximately 3,200 houses has dented, additionally another 600 houses destroyed by the typhoon.

The ministry said yesterday, Haima, Typhoon is the 22nd typhoon of the year that affects the economy the country. Approximately losses is around 4.76 billion yuan(USD 702.65 million) in China’s three regions Fujian, Guangdong and Jiangsu.

Haima Typhoon strike on 21 October and made a landfall in the southern region of Guangdong.

They added, Guangdong has most affected region almost 95,000 people, have moved and 95,000 people are worried for urgent basic supplies for living.

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