Heavy Internet Use May Have Adverse Effects on Teenager’s Health

Heavy Internet Use Child Health

Today’s age is modern age with all the things being of fully computerized and technology. Thus, the youth of the country always seems to attach with the Internet. Thus, the teenager likes most of the surfing the social media, watching videos, listening to the music, playing the games, and much more.

Thus, the Researchers made a survey that the people of the age of teenagers spend their maximum time of the day with their phones on the Internet. On other words, the youth seems always busy on the internet.

Moreover, the heavy use can lead to the adverse effects on the health and it may cause the high blood pressure in teenagers as well as the unhealthy weight problem.  As a part of the study, it found that the teens that spent at least spent fourteen hours of a week on the internet are prone to high blood pressure problem.

Researcher’s team aforesaid, that teens are found with a usage of internet for 25 hours of a week. Among the 335 teenagers of the age group of 14-17 years, the observed data has been examined while the research. The reading of blood pressure among these teenagers has been taken while the physical exam.

Some of the participants actively participate in the survey and asked 55 questions. In a survey, it was found that 43% of users that uses the heavy internet was overweight compared to 26% of the users that uses the light internet.

Thus, it become important to take regular intervals from the Computer or the SmartPhone and should get busy in some physical activity or work.

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