H&T and Hovione’s Partnership Deal for an Inflated Respiratory Care

Looking at the scenario in the medical industry, there is a tight competition among the various pharmaceutical companies in order to top the chart. H&T Presspart, in order to expand its drug delivery system business for the respiratory care, has signed a collaborative partnership deal with Hovione Technology.

H&T and Hovione’s Partnership Deal for an Inflated Respiratory Care

For now, H&T is mainly focusing on the Hovione’s capsule-based dry powder inhaler (DPI) product. The company has already gained the global rights for the commercialization and manufacturing of the product after the upgradation of the product. The newer version of the DPI product is marketed as “PowdAir Plus.”

This is a strategic step taken by the company in order to expand, accelerate the development rate, commercialize, and global scale-up of the fresh drug delivery solutions for the respiratory care. The dry powder inhaler’s increasing demand among the respiratory problem patient is what both the companies plan to fulfill and focus on for the coming years.

The PowdAir Plus is a compact and cost-effective device known for its advanced simplicity. It has a full body four-component design, which is easy to manufacture, assemble as well as handle or use. The device can be used with most of the dry powdered medicines and also all the types of capsules, for instance a size three capsule, can be used with it. It is available as a single design rather than separate components, which gives it a robust property in order to withstand the mechanical stress while use.

According to Peter Villax, CEO of Hovione Technology, “Looking at the modernization in the DPI development and design, it is for sure that the new product is going to be a huge success on a global basis.”

H&T will have access to the PowdAir Plus’s manufacturing capabilities and product commercialization in the market along with the production and formulation capabilities of the active pharmaceutical ingredients. Throughout the manufacturing process, the functionality was of utmost priority and PowdAir Plus provides the paramount dose medication.

Currently, all the pharmaceutical companies are designing drug delivery solutions that are easy to use, affordable, compact, and most importantly reliable in terms of performance as per the increasing demand and health awareness among the public.

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