Human Mind is unsolved mystery


The mind set of mental action it includes memory, thinking, judgments, consciousness, and perception. It is a powerful mechanism of reasoning, thoughts, attitudes, recognition, imagination, emotions, appreciation, actions and feelings.

History and circumstance shapes human mind. Influence by the society helps to execution of policies and interference that target human choice and action. People make most of the choices and judgments automatically not intended. Its thinking power of mind, the action of human depends on in which environment they grow & how people behave around them and think call as social thinking. Some people think with common perspective a world around them that is mental models thinking.

There is no any universally accepted definition for mind and what are distinguishing properties. Since earlier study of human mind is continue on psychology, philosophy, cognitive science and even relation of mind with the physical brain and nervous system. Computer scientists explored non human mind in the artificial intelligence, which closely in relation with cybernetics and information theory. That will make us understand how information is process in the machines as compare to human mind.

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