Hyperloop India partners with Ketto to build Pods

Hyperloop India this week amalgamated with Ketto, the crowd funding platform, to lift funds for the last stage of building pod samples with Workbench Projects to sport in an internal design contest for transportation system that will be superfast in nature by employing enhanced magnetic levitation technique.

“We have amalgamated with Ketto to lift the final part of finances that are needed to build the pod samples to finish in the international design contest for the transportation system that will be superfast in nature. We advise the Indian community to lend a helping hand to our success in realizing our dreams,” Sibesh Kar, Founder and Team Lead, Hyperloop India, told the media.

Hyperloop India includes of over 80 students from Indian School of Business, BITS Pilani, and IIM-Ahmedabad. Their sized down pod sample “OrcaPod” has been chosen for the last phase of Hyperloop Pod Design contest by SpaceX.

Hyperloop India had gotten itself in a deal with Workbench Projects for producing the 4 x 2 Meter pod at the facility of Workbench Projects located in Bangalore.

To a question, Pavan Kumar, CEO and Founder, Workbench Projects, stated that he anticipates to lift a minimum of Rs 30 Lakh and would be pleased if it surpasses this target as we require all the support we can receive.

Kumar stated that Rs 75 Lakh was needed to make the pod and Rs 35 Lakh had been lifted so far from different companies.

Ketto will commence an online movement from this week with the title “Join the Loop” to request contributions globally, he said.

“The movement will continue for the coming 45 days, and we will be pleased if we are able to lift Rs 30 Lakh or more for us to make the OrcaPod sample,” Anupama Gowda, another Co-Founder of Workbench Projects claimed.

Ripple Technologies, Hyperloop One, Geotrix, Maxus, Discovery, TVF, SKF, Do. Creative, One and Only, and others are the sponsors, while RITES, Startup India, Peenya Industries Association, NITI Aayog, Invest India, BMRCL, and others are associates for producing of pod sample, Kumar stated.

We wish all the luck for the whole team and hope that they will be able to raise the required amount.

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