ICC Champions Trophy set to endorse the bat sensors

For helping the umpires take decisions easily, there is an addition of another technology to the cricket field. The latest is the bat sensors. The pioneer behind this new invention is technology giant Intel Corp. who is responsible for developing the sensors, which can later be placed on the bats.

The basic reason for developing this technology is to help take precise decisions regarding the unseen details such as the speed of the bat or angle of back-lift. This is an aid for the coaching team as well as the players while playing some of the most important matches. It will also bring about certain excitement for the audiences watching the matches on television. It will be beneficial for the players who have a great bat speed or fast hands.

But what does it exactly do? It is just a new way to help the umpires give the “Out” or “Not Out” decision wisely as it is difficult to judge depending on the speed of the bat and shot played. The bat sensors are a perfect option to track the exact angle of the bat.

According to Nasser Hussain, a former England captain-turned-cricket broadcaster, had this technology been developed earlier it would have been beneficial for the players present then. Currently, the company plans to test its efficiency by introducing it in the England trio. The players Ben Stokes, Jason Roy, and Alex Hales will be the players given the chance to use this technology in the ICC Champions Trophy.

Nowadays, the technology is being used to amplify and improve the whole cricketing experience. This vision has been under development since a very long time and thus the coming of this new technology is not a big surprise. The use of more of technology in the field of cricket is to make it one of the world’s favorite sports in the coming years. On the use of this technology, there is also a chance of escalation of the fans or people interested in the game to be glued to the sport.

It is just a way of embracing technology and entertaining the fans to the maximum. In addition to the bat sensors, there is also the use of drones for in-depth analysis and use virtual reality as well for enhancing the fans experience.

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