In Indonesian boat overturned, 20 dead and 39 being saved

In Malaysian boat overturn incidence, approximately 20 people died, Indonesian police said.

Sambudi Gusdian, island’s police chief said, in the stormy weather around 90 people were travelling on boat when it overturns. It was near about 5 in the morning.

Search operation still going; up to 39 people have saved.

A 51-year-old survivor, Haryanto, said, boat overturn in the middle of heavy rains and lofty tides were raising for two hours when boat left for Johor Bahru in Malaysia.

Haryanto, states that, the ship was fully crowed along with standing room.

Approximately 15 ships and police helicopter are concerned in the rescue operations.

Speedboats and ferries are usually used for transportation in Indonesia, an extensive archipelago.

Such accidents are frequent due to weakly imposed protection policy.

One of the most danger ferry sinkings happened in 2009, where nearly 335 people killed.

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