Indian Mobile Gaming Market to Cross $800 Million By 2022

Smartphones are not only used for calling these days. Well, this device has the capability to replace any gadget and it has already done it. The smartphone industry has boosted in the last few years. 2016 was a year where the Indian smartphone market witnessed a huge growth.

Indian Mobile Gaming Market to Cross $800 Million By 2022

One major use of the smartphones apart from the traditional calling purpose and social media networking is gaming. Most of the smartphones are released with the intention of gaming. These smartphones are specially manufactured for gaming purpose only. According to a recent survey in India, the Indian mobile gaming market is estimated to reach the number of $800 Million by the end of 2020.

WOW!!!! This seems to be a pretty huge number. The most number of people contributing in the gaming market are nothing but the teenagers. They are most attracted towards the gaming side. Let us have a look at the numbers.

The revenue earned from mobile gaming in 2016 was $265.8 Million. This number is said to change into $286.2 Million in 2017. Adding to this, the number of mobile gaming users was 198 Million in 2015. This number is said to grow up to 628 Million by 2020 and 1.16 Billion by 2030. The Indian mobile gaming market crossed the number of $543 Million in 2016 and is estimated to cross $800 million by 2020.

At one end, the Indian mobile gaming market is making a fortune and taking the nation to a new height, while, on the other hand, the gaming is engaging the youth in its zone and indirectly impacting the future of India.

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