Indonesia: 26 dead, 19 missing in floods and landslides

JAKARTA: On Thursday, distressing floods and landslides in Indonesia causes total 26 death and fading hopes for 19 people official have reported.

The national disaster agency said, assistance has been providing in Garut in the west of Indonesia’s main island of Java, where 23 people died and 18 remain missing after heavy rain and land slide.

Gradually decreasing level of water revel scenes of destruction, houses ruined, inverted cars and debris scattered throughout muddy streets.

The agency said those who dead and missing dozen of them were children under 12 years and most of them yet to be recognized.

Willem Rampangilei, disaster agency head said army personnel and relief teams have sent to Garut in search of missing people and drones are evaluating the level of destruction.

Rampangilei said assisting team is proving them food and clean water adding that the report has been send to President Joko Widodo for review.

Temporary shelters and kitchens have been set for affected people around 430 people left homeless. Emergency crews provided those blankets and clothing.

Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, disaster agency spokesman told to AFP one person missing in land slide emergency crews still serchin him in Sumedang district and other three died.


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