Intelligent Fitness Wearable to Track Your Activity

Intelligent Fitness Wearable to TrackerTo track our each activity from distance covered with help of GPS to heart beat rate development to steps taken and calories burnt by the fitness tracker. Fitness wearable is now device for the masses launch by Xiaomi, GOQii, and Fit Bit

In this device many sensors are used to track person inputs like temperature, movements and cardiovascular activity and analysis done by software. User can easily get the data. Purpose to develop this tool enhance physical fitness.

The great majority of these trackers do mostly the same thing tracking fitness metrics and interpreting them in several graphically imaginative methods. GOQii is the first firm trying to boosting service with a real live coach. It helps to understand and plan exercise as well as diet as you will achieve fitness goal.

An expert is provides real time tips and support right into your ear. Device that provides you detailed feedback at every stage of your workout routine. This tracker has ability to identify and monitor a different range of activities including running, swimming, walking cycling, boxing, and more.

It provides you accurate results, to collect this information sensors are used which helps to identify precise movements in 3D space and also recognize specific details. About 12 guided workouts are present in the MOOV fitness tracker and it allows connecting and comparing with others.

It is waterproof and dustproof with 6 month battery life. IOS and android supports this device. And its price range is $59.99.

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