JetBlue airline’s free flight secret program

One of the numerous best ideas an airline can ever have is this priceless one. JetBlue flight, an American airline is secretly and solemnly rewarding its passengers through its Fly It Forward program with free flight tickets. The program involves two parties, the giver and the receiver. The giver is a Good Samaritan who benefits by receiving a ticket from the airline and then must look for someone of their choice to pass it on as a gift.

JetBlue Plane

It started as a goodwill package when the airline embarked on the initiative of celebrating the deserving in communities. It asked crew members to begin from their communities by nominating individuals who they think deserve the best. The first ticket was given out to a lady who had the privilege of being nominated by a crew member. The lady Tameka Lawson is the director of I Grow Chicago, an organization focused on providing a safe place to the less privileged and highly vulnerable. She used the ticket to fly to attend a UN Conference in New York City as a representative of her non-profit organization.

It was then passed on to a local in New York, Teena Katz who’s lost both legs to fly to Seattle, a dream she’s long so much cherished and now came true. This continued chain process has earned ten beneficiaries the opportunity to travel to about eight cities in the country. of free flight continued and so far 10 people have been taken to eight US cities over the past five months.

As part of its vision JetBlue airline has decided to help spread positivity around the community.

“It’s easy to get caught up in the mechanics of travel and overlook the reasons why people travel,” JetBlue spokesman Marty St George said. “It’s easy to say our mission is to inspire humanity, but it’s quite a feat to make that mission known and felt.” The program was purposefully make silent and can be a step for other airlines to emulate.

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