Kurdish: 30 have been killed in the Suicide bombing

BEIRUT: the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and medics said, suicide bombing targeting the northeastern Syrian area of the Hasakeh, where 30 people killed in wedding on Monday.

Rami Abdel Rahman, “Observatory chief said to AFP, suicide bomber explode himself in the middle of wedding of the Syrian Democratic Forces which killed at least 22 civilians,”

The SDF is an Arab-Kurdish union fighting against the Islamic State (IS) group placed in northern Syria.

Ahmad, a witness who has experienced the blast and got injured at the head was describing the moment.

He said, “Bride and groom busy in exchange of their commitment, I saw a man wearing bulky black jacket pass by me.”

“He was looking stranger and few minutes later powerful explosions took place.”

“People fallen on one another and shattered bodes lies on ground.”

One witness and local Kurdish officials formally said, groom was among the who dead but later on his relatives told to AFP that both were safe.

City hospital in the Hasakeh city told AFP, “people who dead are more than 20 and dozens of injured.”

The AFP reported many injured people were strike to head with bloodied bandages.

Few sources in the Asayesh security forces said, in the self administered region of Kurdish suicide bomber explde to himself in the middle of wedding hall placed a few kilometres (miles) north of Hasakeh.

IS reported, one fighter fired on a crowed of Kurdish fighters which is placed neat Hasakeh city before blown of suicide of bomber, and kill at least 40 people.

It is state that Kurdish occupied city is several times been targeted by jihadists of the Islamic State group.

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