LG Launch New Textile Pressure Sensors


LG Innotek subsidiary of LG Corporation invented new flexible textile pressure sensor for healthcare and manufacturing industries. According to company, the sensor is superior which is able to present inflexible and stiff pressure sensors.

This pressure sensor is primarily made of flexible and elastic polyurethane material. This material makes the sensor more flexible to blend with other products smoothly. This technology is also capable of sensing pressure across the entire of its exterior rather than just specific points.

Company also said that the sensors are not only flexible but it is also durable. In addition, it is also offers productivity in low temperature i.e. 0 – 80 degree Celsius for more than 240 hours along with capability to bear the weight more than 70 kilograms.

Textile pressure sensors can be utilized in automotives, hospitality, sports and commercial products. With this latest technology, the company is hoping for the better future in coming future years.

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