Malaysia Year of Festivals 2015 (MyFest2015): March events and festivals

Fun filled events with colorful festivals in the whole of Malaysia. The month of March is a graceful month in Malaysia with series of interesting events. During this part of the year, lots of tourists troop into the country to witness the occasion and take part in its activities. Sales often peak during this time and schools also enjoy long vacation.

It is a year and a month of festivals dubbed “My Festivals” (MyFest). The occasion is marked with 3 cultural events, 3 international sporting events and an international exhibition event climaxing it with a carnival.

Malaysia Year of Festivals 2015 March Events

Below are the series of events marked for the various days:

March 5 marks the Chap Goh Meh Celebration

Also known as the Chinese Valentine’s Day, it is celebrated during the Lunar of the New Year. The celebration sees young ladies of marrying age who move out to popular sea bodies to throw oranges into them and wish for a good soul mate.

March 7 marks the Ancestors’ Day Festival of Mah Meri

A celebration of the Hari by the Mah Meri tribe of Selangor attracts a lot of international visitors. The Moyang which is also a celebration of thanksgiving is offered to the spirits for bestowing good things upon them. The indigenous people of Mah Meri are specialized in both craft and wood works.

March 8 to 15 marks the Le Tour de Langkawi

The Le Tour de Langkawi is premier cycling event in Asia. The event will include twenty-two international teams competing in this year’s edition. This year’s event is the 20th edition and will stretch from Kedah through to Kelantan, covering over a thousand kilometer stretch.

March 12 to 15 marks the Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta (HABF)

Visitors who are selfie lovers can snap their way through this colorful event. Wonderful and beautiful scenery of helium filled balloons will decorate the beautiful sky during this occasion, this is always a spectacular scenery. Visitors can have a spot to lay and relax while enjoying the amazing sea breeze and wonderful meal from the ‘balloon and breakfast’ menu.

March 14 marks the Raptor Watch Week

This marks an annual migration of the Raptor birds; these are birds of prey to the north. Enthusiasts gather to watch this annual event at Tanjung Tuan.

March 14 to 15 is the International Drum Festival

The new generation of great enthusiasts gets to witness various types and sizes of drums showcased on this occasion. There’re drum making sessions organized for those who will wish to learn the skill of drum making. There’re drum dancers who also put up splendid performances to entertain the visitors.

March 17 to 21 marks the LIMA’15 Tourism Carnival

This is an exhibition for civil and commercial application and defence.

March 27 to 29 marks the Formula 1 Petronas Malaysia Grand Prix

This is a super race from the finest of the world’s best race drivers. It’s a hot and a heated race competition, one of the world’s most challenging races ever. There are 11 teams with 22 drivers competition in this year’s competition.

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