Malaysian plane MH370 hunt called off

In Malaysia, officials decided to call off the man hunt for MH370 in order to clear the way for the airline company to pay compensation to the families of all aboard the flight. This though has ignited fury of some of the affected family members who have strongly objected to the decision.

Azharuddin Abdul Rahman, the Chief Civil Officer has announced an end to the search of any survivors on the MH370. He however, he assured the people that there is still a search mounted for the missing plane. Azharuddin Abdul Rahman declared that chances of a survivor in the MH370 are very slim.

On 8th March last year, authorities indicated that the plane lost contact with air traffic control shortly after take-off from Kuala Lumpur en route to Beijing.

Malaysia Airlines Plane

Amidst assurance assurances given by the Malaysian officials, affected family members still remain suspicious of the officials to completely call off the search.

The Malaysian Prime Minister commented that the plane was possible to have come down in the Southern Indian ocean resulting in the loss of lives of all aboard the plane.

The Malaysian government on Thursday organized a media briefing in the afternoon which was later to see a cancellation due to the number of upset family members trouping to the place.

“I meant no harm. I only want to get the respect that we families deserve – the right to know,” said the wife of one of the Chinese passengers, who was among those who had gone to the briefing in Kuala Lumpur.

Speaking before the declaration, the woman, who asked to be identified only as Kelly, added: “Whatever they are going to announce, they should first inform and consult the families. It is a basic display of respect – it’s about 239 human lives.

“We do not need them to announce the death of our love ones before they have any concrete evidence. We don’t want money. We demand to know the truth.”

“The most frustrating thing is that they (were planning) an announcement to the world first, then only to the next of kin,” Wesley Walter, whose brother-in-law was on the flight, told AFP.

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