Mercedes gets into car sharing-based business—Croove

Car makers nowadays don’t just produce cars; they have widened up their business forms in different types of business models. Coming out of the traditional way of business, automobile giants are adopting new trend in the market based on diverse application of technology.

Mercedes Benz the, huge giant in automobile industry, has started car sharing service named as Croove in Munich. The service will be based on peer-to-peer service, where the car owners and customers can directly reach for the services.

The concept is far away different by the Daimler service car2go or BMW’s Reachnow, as these services provide the fleet of vehicles owned by them, while Croove is an open platform for any brand of car for sharing.

Currently, the Croove app is only available in iOS, but the company has assured to launch the android version as well as a website in coming days. The process of experiencing this service is simple. The owner of the vehicle has to register with some simple and mandatory information based on the company guidelines such as the rent, type of the vehicle, and additional information regarding the age of the model.

Terms of the renters are quite easy; the person booking the vehicle should be 21 and have a valid driver’s license. After the selection of the car through the app, the renters can either pick the vehicle himself or can get a pick and drop of the vehicle by paying some extra charges.

The Croove is a part of the Mercedes market strategy to analyze the self-driving, sharing and electric drive system demand in future.

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