Michelle Obama states The US ‘needs an adult’ in White House


PHILADELPHIA: On Wednesday, Michelle Obama told to followers of the Philadelphia that person doesn’t change once he became president and we are looking for an adult for “White House.”

Michelle Obama, the first lady never pointed out him during the rally at LaSalle University. But she said that Candidate Trump will not be change even though he became President Trump.

She stating to the cheering crowd, “the presidency doesn’t change who you are, but it reveal who you are,”.

She was pointing out some comments that Trump made after Monday’s debate, where he clearly accepted that he doesn’t paid taxes for several years and said makes him “smart.”

She said, “Not paying tax will not make you smart but what even when people lose their homes and face insulting comments.”That is the kind of president they will be.”

She said, the country need a president stable and calculated because making decision in war-or-peace, the president can’t be dying or spent money extravagantly foolishly and that’s why we need an adult in the White House.

Later on Wednesday, she attends really for the Democratic presidential nominee at the University of Pittsburgh, where she uses a word to “grown-up.”

She calls a Clinton as a strong, empathetic fighter who doesn’t let out and loves her country.

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