NetApp to launch a startup in Bengaluru

Currently, Bengaluru is the new sector the international companies want to explore more in the coming years owning to its development. Recently, it is the U.S.-based data management and storage company called “NetApp” that has taken up the initiative of lending a helping hand to the various startups.

The company has declared to launch “NetApp Excellerator program” in Bengaluru this month, which will be its startup in the country. It will be launched at the 15-acre campus of NetApp. The basic reason behind building the startup accelerator is to help make the transformation process easier as well as faster. It is supposed to smoothen the opportunity of graduating the business of a company from one phase to another.

The startup companies can apply for the four-month program. Additionally, after the completion of the program the startups will be provided with a grant of about $15000 for its development. The program will provide certain startups to access investors, various markets, technology, and business strategy in order to understand their products or ideas potential in the global market. The startups will be provided to access the tools of productivity, co-working space out of the Bengaluru, along with various tie-up opportunities with customers and partners.

The startups working in the areas such as machine learning, cloud, data security, data management and storage, IOT, big data and analytics, and others are applicable to enroll in the program. From all of them, only a selected set of startups will have access to the HR, technologies, co-working space, tools, and legal or tech support.

According to the Director Ajeya Motaganahalli of NetApp India, the basic idea behind launching the NetApp Excellerator program is to encourage the startup companies to make a very promising contribution to the global market in their coming years of development.

In Bengaluru, the company has introduced the startup accelerator for the betterment of the city and the young entrepreneurs to carve out their names in the global market. In short, the NetApp Excellerator program will help the various startup companies in Bengaluru receive all the amenities required to excel their business.

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