New York bombing suspect caught with the help of Indian-American bar owner

NEW YORK: A Sikh bar owner lives in US helps to catching a 28-year old Afghan- American suspect responsible for bombing in New York and New Jersey.

On Monday, a bar owner, Harinder Bains lives in Linden has seen Ahmad Khan Rahami was sleeping at the entrance of the door.

Bains state he was watching news on laptop laptop from another business across the street.

At first sight he thought he may drink guy taking rest in entrance hall but later on he identify Rahami and called police.

Bains said, “He didn’t did a big work he did same what every citizen should do.”

When police came to grab him he hold gun and fire that strike to one officers chest.

Police trying to catch him during which Rahami fired at a police car causes a bullet to graze another office in the face.

The chase has ended when officers fired number of bullet to him.

A law enforcement official said, Rahami was taken to hospital for surgery as he was not responsive to police interview.

Ravi Batra, Indian-American attorney told to PTI, “Bains dare to catch suspect he has keeps a Citizenship Oath to defend Constitution from enemies at domestic as well as foreign. Rahami is a Chelsea Pressure Cooker Bomber suspect is caught by the Indian-American Hero-Sikh.”

National Sikh Campaign said in the statement audacious act done by the sikh.

It said, he has helped to find out suspects who are involved in terrorist activity in New Jersey and New York bombing over the weekend.

Harinder Bains heroically saved a number of life and even giving credit to law enforcement officers, what he did every responsible citizen in the America has to do. Brave and courageous act!” said the National Sikh Campaign.

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