Nicolas Sarkozy, a French President is quite positive says migrant should ‘live like the French’


Franconville: On Monday, Nicolas Sarkozy a French President is quite positive once French citizenship granted to migrants and refugies they “will live life like French”.

While speaking in the meeting at northern Paris community of Franconville, a frank president want to come back to top position in 2017, also publicly declare extremist political Islam they stimulate the republic.

President told he will not tolerate 238 victims of attackers in France will take action and call for cruel war against Islamist terrorism.

He asserts, I will not accept medieval behavior where men are having enough freedom and women are locked up in burkinis.

He condemn autocracy of minorities said, if he won 2017 election wold kile to enter in national community, because it is only one in France that matter most.

If you want to become French you need to speak French and live like French, we are didn’t need amalgamation but integrating.

He said, once you become French, your associates are the Gauls, I see myself as French.

He state, “If we didn’t support migration then we may call a racist and it is intolerable.”

Sarkozy said, I just wish for majority of people stand with it.

61 year old president holding position from  2007-2012, has seen poll rating high as he took strict action against Islam and immigration subsequent to truck butchery in Nice happened in July killed 86 people.

He said in August France had to fight to defend its secularism.

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