Nine untypical ways to save money in 2015

Being well into the New Year, finding new ways to trim the fat can become difficult and uncomfortable for any budget. Maybe gradual change is the way to ensure success, as the majority of resolutions don’t make it through even the first quarter of the year. Starting small, here are some untypical ways to manage your household funds to trim and save in 2015.

Ways To Save Money

  1. Invest in a Smart House

Telematics are all the rage in technology circles, allowing homeowners to monitor their devices and home systems from afar. New devices are quickly becoming available to consumers that feature a wireless hub that connects to devices within the home to control energy usage, volume control, and lighting in your home. These hubs can be controlled all from a homeowner’s mobile phone. Easy to see how this tech will help trim expenses from energy loss and climate control when away from home.

  1. Cheaper Entertainment

Household expenses that would be categorized as entertainment can be located at a discounted in 2015. By taking advantage of programs like Cineworld’s Bargain Tuesday or Tesco Clubcard discounts for dining savers will find that discounts were available all along waiting to be used. Finding creative ways to enjoy your favorite activities while saving money can be accomplished by monitoring sites like Groupon, which frequently offers, discounted tickets for movies and events with redeemable voucher codes.

  1. Discounted Gym Memberships

Why pay for your gym on the days you cannot visit? Why have a membership to a gym that doesn’t work with your work schedule? Increasingly gym memberships have evolved to meet the demands of patrons. More than 2000 gyms across Britain are listed as pay-as-you-go gyms that only charge patrons when they access benefits. Pay-as-you-go memberships are beneficial as there are no contact fees or cancellation fees.

  1. Shop Abroad

Britons can leverage their purchasing power by shopping abroad through websites like PayPal or newer personal shopper sites like These sites will assist in their overseas buying trends. Popular websites claim they can save Britons up to 70pc on select branded goods.

  1. Purchase Travel Online

Booking travel online allows shoppers to search out the best deals and discounts. Many shoppers have found creative ways to find savings on their next holiday through surcharge waivers and travel agent discounts.

  1. Eco-Friendly Savings

Lower energy bills are a welcomed trend for any household, and the Green Deal scheme has been very popular amongst homeowners as a method of funding energy-saving improvements. These government-backed loans are repaid through your energy bill. You have to act fast to take advantage of these deals, once the money dries up – it’s gone until the next allotment. Beginning in April 2015, as much as 120m will be accessible for home improvements that are energy efficient.

  1. Save for the Kids

Parents the UK over will be happy to move their children from the poor rated Child Trust Fund (CTF) into the newer Junior ISAs. The CTFs require stocks and shares while larger growth can be experienced from a wider selection of investments choices.

  1. Moonlight Online

How great is it to get paid to do what you are likely already doing? As search engines vie for popularity and click-thru rates, users can benefit by being paid each time they select an advert or by simply browsing and entering searchable items.

  1. Invest your Pension

Everyone is talking about the overhaul to the Pension plan that was announced in the Budget. These changes will allow savers more control over their pension pots with fewer regulations. If you think that you can find a more profitable scheme, beginning in April, if you are over 55 you will be able to access these funds.

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