Nissan patented its self driving technology in India

India though isn’t yet ready to adopt the self–driving cars due to its complex circumstances and infrastructure, some of the technology giants along with the automakers are furiously working to acquire the dominating position before the evolution of the traditional transportation gets transformed into autonomous in India.

Japanese carmaker Nissan Motors has created a huge chaos in the country. It has recently released it growth figures that are boosted due it’s autonomous and electric car development and deployment. And now the Nissan has patented its autonomous car technology in India amid February and May.

The patent applications filed by the automaker are for the electronic subsystem that will enable the car to sense the road conditions and help the driver to navigate using an advanced device as well as to assist car to surpass the obstacle which involves sensing vehicles while moving.

Combining both systems, the patent applications seems to explain the integrated functionality of the Nissan’s first stage ProPilot autonomous driving system that has the capacity to steer on single-lane highways.

The Japanese car maker—Nissan, made its entry in India in 2010 with the introduction of its mini-car, Micra, and later followed by sedan Sunny in 2011, and SUV Terrano in 2013. The automaker ranks fourth around the globe and also markets its cars under the brand such as Infiniti and Datsun on the global platform. The company gives a tough competition to its rivals such as Toyota, Volkswagen, and Honda.

The first patent includes ‘position self-calculation device’ that precisely senses patterned light that projects the road surface and calculates the position of the vehicle in which the device is mounted. The other patent application is for a driving assistance device that assists in driving when the host vehicle is shifting lanes.

Indian based auto manufacturers are also testing their autonomous technologies. Recently, Tata Elxsi—a technology and design company disclosed about its development and testing of self-driving technology on the outskirts of Bangalore. Tonbo—a Bangalore-based technology is also creating a vision system for self-driving vehicles and also beta-testing it. A tailor made autonomous technology specifically for Indian roads is also under development which is led by Swaayatt Robots.

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