North Korea recently dismissed its vice foreign minister

SEOUL: On Wednesday, South Korean media reported, North Korea dismissed its vice foreign minister as punishment for its recent nuclear desertion of the nuclear-armed country’s deputy ambassador to Britain.

The anonymous source quoted that, Kung Sok-Ung has been removed from his position and excluded from Pyongyang sent to rural farming area with his family.

The explication order came from supreme leader Kim Jong-Un in desertion of the North’s deputy ambassador to Britain, Thae Yong-Ho, and his family to the South two months ago.

The sources said, “since the desertion been takes place in the late July against Yong-Ho investigation is being continue throughout the foreign ministry.”

“Kung Sok-Ung is being held responsible for the embassies in Europe and dismissal as a result.”

The other sources said, other high-ranking diplomats in charge of European affairs were also barred from Pyongyang.

Jeong Joon-Hee, South Korea’s union Ministry spokesman said, the ministry is investigating the matter but doesn’t give any comment.

Kung had been taking care of North Korea’s diplomacy with Russia and Europe for nearly two decades. He was 72 year old a veteran diplomat.

Kung took power in 2011 and since then he carried out numerous expel and dismissal of known ranking officials to hold grip on power.

South Korea’s union ministry confirmed that the North carried out a vice premier for education for expressing disrespect to the leader during a meeting in August.

The most dishonorable case was that when, Kim’s uncle and Jang Song-Thaek, are dismissed for disloyalty and corruption in December 2013.

Yonhap news agency of the South Korea reported the cases of the party have been executed in Kim’s rule at over 100.

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