Now iOS and Android will be made available with the BBM Enterprise SDK

BlackBerry, the Canadian smartphone maker, has rolled out a BBM Enterprise software development kit (SDK). It is basically a cloud-based communications platform as a service to allow the developers to incorporate safe messaging, video and voice capabilities into services and applications. BlackBerry’s Chief Operating Officer, Marty Beard, said, “We are initiating a new income means for the company with an entirely cloud-based communication service that is developed to assist ISVs, enterprises, and developers fulfill the most demanding compliance and security requirements.”

BBM Enterprise SDK, with above 80 security certifications, offers the highest security level for messages, video, and voice for Android and iOS. Advantages of using the kit include:

  • Enterprise-Grade Security with well-known NOC architecture of BlackBerry: The well-recognized NOC of BlackBerry was developed keeping in mind security and is produced to fulfill the most demanding requirements of the enterprise. It is accessible worldwide and offers inbuilt redundancies to assure optimum performance, QoS, flexibility, and obtainability for products being made for mass scale.
  • DecreasedPrice: Upfront expenditures can be avoided by the enterprises in hardware infrastructure with the use of a completely cloud-based model of BBM Enterprise, as well as control operational charges with a reasonable subscription-based per-user licensing model.
  • Greater Scalability: Creators can assist in securing against unexpected spikes in use that may impact the availability of the service via a hosted, secure cloud, all without the need to set up a costly and complex infrastructure.
  • Faster Time to Market: By purchasing the inclusive, protected communications framework of BlackBerry for mobile services and applications, developers can concentrate more on what is important more rather than worrying about the difficulties of developing safe messaging abilities and an IT infrastructure.

The company also says that BBM Enterprise provides an enhanced user experience in comparison to the instant messaging platforms of other enterprises as it enables the developers to add facets such as retraction, message editing, voice notes, read and received notifications, file sharing, and group chat. The use of this service will cost $29 per year per user for just text messages, whereas those who want to use video and voice capabilities need to invest $79 per year per user.

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