Obstacles Preventing Energy Sources to become fully renewable

Solar, wind, and other types of renewable energy have made considerable advancement during the last decade in terms of feasibility and energy production potential. These sources of energy are efficient, clean, limitlessly renewable, and most importantly clean. So shouldn’t we take more efforts to make them the paramount sources of energy? So let’s take a look at few factors that are stopping us from making them the primary sources of energy.

Obstacles Preventing Energy Sources to become fully renewable

Cost of renewable energy

Even after having so much of advances in the renewable energy technology, it is still much expensive. These energy systems can cost up to tens of thousands of dollars to be established. Hence, it is not feasible to accomplish these renewable methods on larger scales.

Lack of available technology

We do not have any well-organized method to store solar energy. This is one of technological obstacles keeping us from moving ahead. We have theoretical basis for nuclear fusion technology to provide us with energy sufficient for the world but are not still certain about its feasibility.

Bureaucratic decision-making

Corporate dormancy is a crucial problem. As the renewable sources are still new, Government and businesses are taking time to opt for developmental resources. Thus, it has led to slow down the progress.

Cost and profitability of fossil fuels

It is hard to match the cost efficiency of fossil fuels. Extraction, production, and purification of sources such as oil and coal are very cheap and hence profitable for business. As long as people want to grow economically, fossils fuels will remain the choice of energy resource.

These are just few things stopping us from being completely renewable. But we can still hope for a change in the future and come up with new technologies to tackle these hurdles.

Do you have noticed any other issues which are stopping us? Or do you have any solution for tackling these problems? Feel free to highlight more issues and their solutions too…

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