Oculus Takeovers the Eye Tribe – An Eye-Tracking Startup

American Technology company Oculus, which is owned by Facebook, is known for its development in virtual and artificial intelligence based devices. The company is now focusing on the technological expansion by some of the important acquisitions.

Oculus Takeovers the Eye Tribe – An Eye-Tracking Startup

Oculus, which has been a tough competitor in virtual reality world with its effective VR products, has officially disclosed about its new acquisition of Eye Tribe based in Danish.

It has been said that this acquirement in coming days will enhance the virtual and mobile experience by a new concept of eye tracking and foveated rendering technology.

The acquired Eye Tribe was started with a round of funding valued $3 Million by Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation. The startup recently developed a tracking device along with the developer kit integrated with software and computers that can interface your eye view results with smartphones and VR headsets. The cost of this kit is $99.

Technology that attracted Oculus and led it toward the acquisition was the graphical output of any object which is seen by the human eyes using a newly developed kit by the startup.

Even though the deal was confirmed by the Oculus, the amount of the deal wasn’t disclosed and the nature of the acquisition, such as the status of the active users and the number of employees for Eye Tribe that will be joining after the process, is yet to be known.

However, Oculus is yet to confirm about the coming future utilization of the Eye Tribe. But for now, we can assume that in comings days, the picture or post on Facebook can be liked by using this technology of eye tracking.

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