Official: a man blew himself at the TV centre in Abkhazia


Moscow: On Monday officials said, anonymous man blew himself at the state-owned TV center in Abkhazia, a small region of Georgia.

Russian news agency RIA Novosti has reported Abkhaz interior minister Aslan Kobakhiya as saying, a man surely had a bomb and he was in the nearby area of the TV centre.

Interfax news reported, the blast happened at the entrance of the TV centre headquarters in the Abkhaz capital Sukhumi. Region’s emergency services ministry says dead body of the man found at the place.

Raul Khajimba, Abkhaz president said, it will be too early to say attempt was a terrorist attack”.

Khajimba, a former officer in the Soviet-era KGB spy agency, told Interfax, yet we doesn’t come to know who was suspect we just hope for investigation result.

Khajimba ordered to raise security around public places consisting of schools and kindergartens, in the Black Sea region. Where some around 250,000 people have been augmented.

In early 1990s after subside of the Soviet Union, Abkhazia had demanded to separate from Georgia since an armed clash.

In 2008, Abkhazia separated from Georgia following a brief conflict is another breakaway region of the South Ossetia where 1000 of troops stationed.

Georgia insists that the two regions are under de facto Russian occupation.

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