Owl bar opening in London, UK

Owl bar in London for a week? The little owls have been given the opportunity to grace a week’s occasion of their own from March 19th to 25th in London city, UK. London folks will have a great time socializing and hanging out with a group of nice little cute guys and enjoy mixed cocktails from few of London’s finest mixologists.

The bar will be opened only at 8.30pm to 2.00am because our little friends are nocturnal ah… you already know that. Our star for the show will be Annie the owl and you sure to meet her other friends who will help grace this occasion.


You will meet friends like Ruby the exotic one, Cinders the cheeky one, Darwin the caring one, Winston the wise one and Hootie the beauty queen, um…… she is so charming you’ll just fall in love with her. Are these the full team? Ah…. You don’t need to know about all of that right? Walk-in, walk-in, walk-in, for a wonderful treat and to know more about these little guys who will also be your host and friends for the night.

And guess what, we are now using the ballot system due to an exceptionally high demand for the tickets. These guys know the secret to raising money for their conservation. The entry charge is £20 which will be invested back into the Barn Owl Centre for the conservation of our little friends. Your entry charge will include two refreshing cocktail servings and having a 2-hour wonderful time with the little nocturnal friends.

Cast your ballot to get your tickets after March 16th, choose your time – your convenient time you’ll wish to visit our little friends to share their company and enjoy mixed cocktails. You’re sure to have a wonderful time and enjoy yourself because our little friends are seasoned professionals with lots of refined experience under their sleeves. They have no sleeve though but who cares much about this, it is fun time. Let’s see you there and just join in the fun.

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