Paint adding color to our lives

Paint is a mastic composition in liquid form that converted into solid film when applied on substrate. It is generally use to protect surface of the object or potentially damaging elements in its environment and to enhance appearance of the wall. Paints can be come in various different color and types. They are water, synthetic, oil etc. Paints is usually store, sold and applied in a liquid form but became solid once dried.

Growing urbanization is developing better place to live with comfort. People are very much choosy while constructing building for their personal or non personal. The paint and coating are use to color and putting extra life on the white wall, doors, window and frames. Everything you can see around you is coated with paint wooden furniture, kitchen, flooring, fridges, mobile phones etc. Increasing population and nuclear families are responsible for growing demand of the market.

Paints and coatings are use to paint automotive, consumer goods, industrial equipment etc. These paints and coatings can be classified as industrial, marine, architectural and decorative. Architectural and decorative paint is usually applied on interior and exterior wall of the building. Architectural and decorative paints and coatings are further divide into emulsions and distempers.

Considering the side effects of the harmful paint and coating people are demanded for environment friendly and non-hazardous paints. People are motivated to save the environment and do as much as they can.  Farrow & Ball is an eco friendly paints come in modern and traditional water base color available in 132 enviable colors.

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