Paris climate accord reached to its doorstep than any intentional accord before, 73 countries approves so far

Paris accord on climate change reached to its doorstep a month later and it essential to bring in legal survival. Canada, European Union and other countries gives a red signal to accord on Wednesday.

73 countries have approved accord and they accounted for 56.87% of global greenhouse gases. 55 countries together accounted for 55% of the global emission which is essential to pass agreement.

The agreement is going to force on the 30th day from October 5, the doorstep was reached, which means that the next climate change meeting will held from November 7, in Marrakech. The Paris agreement is already  on the way to pass legal entity.

Paris accord is the one of the fastest entry to enforce any international accord before. This is a global agreement, it took a less than year for negotiation and finalized at the French capital in December 2015.

Executive secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change Patricia Espinosa, state in the statement, “This is a magical moment when all countries made extraordinary efforts to enforce Paris accord in international agreements. It’s positive sign of confirmation and understands the fighting against climate change and innate opportunities in the Paris accord.”

The member and parties who approve Paris accord will meet at the Marrakech meeting to discuss on the important rules and actions for the completion of the accord.

This conference is known as Conference of Parties to the Convention (UNFCCC) or CMA in short, it will became regular concern at the every annual climate change conference, same like the separate meeting held for members of Kyoto Protocol.

Early entry of the Paris accord and Kyoto Protocol may replace side by side up to 2020 when Protocol expires.

Espinosa said, “The early entry of the accord realizes needed action against climate change and sustainable development goals,”

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