Passengers enjoy peaceful flights with Air Etihad’s flying nanny service

Air Etihad’s Flying nanny solves the problem of how to entertain and manage children aboard a long flight. Especially useful to single parents of multiple children on longer flights, this service has found an untapped market. Families with younger children will be well served by the multi-service program. The service is available to families in any cabin. From assisting at meal times by feeding younger passengers to providing arts and crafts projects, the service is already a hit with parents and other passengers alike. The Flying Nanny caters to families by seating children, prepping meals, and spearheading activities to entertain young travelers like face-painting and magic tricks.

Air Etihad Flying Nanny

The Flying Nanny provides an array of services at no additional cost. “The Flying Nanny role demonstrates our understanding of our guests’ needs and our commitment to making the journey as relaxing and comfortable as possible,” said Aubrey Tiedt Vice President of Guest Service with Air Etihad. When surveyed passengers overwhelming said that rowdy children were a top complaint on flights. Crying babies and children kicking seats were named as the worst offenders. Passengers have noted that flights with the Flying Nanny service have been much more quiet with fewer disruptions from younger passengers.

Recent travelers who have used the service described it with words like “fantastic” and “smart”. Over 500 members of the Etihad staff have been certified to perform the duties of a Flying Nanny. The program certification trains staff in child psychology and sociology at the highly respected Norland College. The classes promote understand of childhood developmental stages and help staff communicate with children.

Already off to a roaring success, the Flying Nanny service has won Etihad the “best up in the air experience” award at a global event honoring travel experience innovations. The Flying Nanny service is not meant to remove kids from their parents while flying but to partner with parents to ensure an easier travel experience for everyone.

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