Pentagon reported al-Adnani, IS spokesman is killed in US air strike


WASHINGTON:  Abu Mohamed al-Adnani, Islamic State leader and spokesman killed in US air strike have been confirmed by the Pantagon in the northern Syria last month.

On Monday, Peter Cook, Pentagon press secretary said strike near the Al Bab, Syria  has been removed from the arena of the ISIL’s architect, chief propagandist and recruiter of the external terrorist operations,” was using short form for the Islamic State group.

“Strike is better weapon against ISIL leaders, it also includes strike which became reason for finances and military planning, that make it difficult to work.”

Strike on the August 30 was carried by a marauder drone, that ablaze a Hellfire missile at a car, where Adnani was travelling.

Adnani was a key spokesman for IS, involved in groups foremost role in high-profile attacks carried last year, it includes suicide bombings at a rally in Ankara, Paris attack at the Brussels and Istanbul airports, the downing of a Russian airliner in the Sinai and at a cafe in Bangladesh.

Adnani was involved in encouraging lone-wolf attacks on civilians & military members, he was correlate IS fighters and keenly recruited new IS members. Cook said,

Russia said, following the strike against Adnani, he is only liable for his death, Pentagon officials released a jock.

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