Poll: a gap between Hillary Clinton and her rival Donald Trump narrows down

hillary and trump

Washington: Hillary Clinton, a democratic presidential candidate lead over her rival Donald Trump with four points, the getting narrowing down, according to a new nationwide poll.

After the two back-to-back conventions Clinton’s lead was around nine percentage points.

41% voters are in the side of Clinton and around 37% will vote to Trump, 10% favuors Johnson and four percent back Green Party nominee Jill Stein,” the Pew Research Center said in its findings.

Earlier voter have doubt that either Clinton or Trump would make a good president.

Only 27% voters say Trump would make a good or great president, while 43% say he would be either poor or terrible. Just 15 percent say Trump would make an “average” president, the poll said.

Opinion about her 31% said she would be a “good or great president” while 22% said would be average and 45 per cent think she would be a poor president, Pew said.

The latest national survey by Pew Research Center was conducted 9-16 August among 2,010 adults, including 1,567 registered voters.

According to Pew, the survey found Trump supporters believe that life in America is worse than it was 50 years ago “for people like them.”

81 percent of registered voters, who are in support of Trump say life has gotten worse, compared with just 11 percent who say it has gotten better and 6% say it is about the same. It said.

While Clinton supports keeps opposite view, 59% say life for people like them has gotten better over the past half-century, while 19 percent think it has gotten worse and 18 percent see little change,” the polls said.

In the RealClearPolitics.com average of all major national polls, Clinton is leading Trump by 5.8 percentage points.

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