Power Future Smart Phones with the Help of Mushroom

Advanced research of battery will provide great power back up and it’s more efficient.  Scientists have discovered new advanced type of lithium-ion battery anode with the help of portabella mushrooms. These batteries are not much costly and eco-friendly. Production is also easy.

Power Future Smart Phones with the Help of Mushroom
Cengiz Ozkan, professor of mechanical engineering (materials science and engineering at University of California, Riverside, US.) said that, mushroom is biological material derived as Nano-carbon architectures, which is considered as green and sustainable substitution to graphite-based anodes.

In now day’s standard rechargeable lithium-ion battery, this made of synthetic graphite. So its manufacturing is costly and harmful to environment. So that new type battery will develop by using biological material like biomass and others as substitution for graphite.

Due to biomass and natural material cost will get reduce and also environmental free. Brennan Campbell from University of California, Riverside explained that, “With these types of battery materials, in future it’s beneficial for cell phones to increase in run time after many uses, rather than a decrease. Because of clear activation of blind pores within the carbon architectures as the cell charges and discharges over time,”

Also some features such as more memory space and transfer of energy, which attracts costumers to buy this type of battery products. And battery performance is better than traditional battery

A conservative anode enables lithium to fully access most of the material during the first few cycles and capacity fades from electrode damage occurs from that point on.

The researchers said, the mushroom carbon anode technology could, with optimization, replace graphite anodes

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