Put Your First SQ with a Ham Radio

Although becoming an amateur radio operator does not call for some specific skills or knowledge, you should be well aware of some key term. You will hardly face any difficulties in learning those terms as you will still have to get prepared for your exam to obtain the license. The information there contains all key points you will need in future.

As soon as you get all necessary equipment and components it is high time to create your first contact. There are several types of ham radio operators. Some of them are always in search of DX radio stations to transmit a signal. Others are generally waiting for that signal. Whenever you need to show that you are ready to receive a signal you need tip u a CQ.

It means that you are searching for another operator to keep in touch with. At some point someone will certainly here your CQ and reply at short notice. Communication usually comes in form of a specific introduction. You send special codes and abbreviations that let other operators determine your location and other possible details. Sometimes it can be rather important especially when it comes to emergency situations and disasters. However, you are not limited to add some other facts to make your conversation live and exciting. There are no special limitations of prohibitions with the exception of commercial information and advertising.

Make As Many Contacts As You Can

The more contacts you make, the more experienced ham radio operator you are. Such approach will be never left unnoticed. The most successful and experienced hams get rewards and prizes for their activities. For example, you can turn your amateur radio operation into an exciting hobby collecting QSL cards. They will be the best proof of the number of contacts you made. Try to keep in touch with different cities and countries, collect their cards and win special prizes and awards. Every single card brings you a particular number of points that can be exchanged into something valuable.

Some may mistakenly think that amateur radio is only about hobby or funny action. Well, it is not. The main mission is to help other people and lend them a hand in case of necessity. We are all insecure when it comes to emergencies and disasters. It is always great to know there is someone who really cares and tries to help. DX radio station may suddenly appear to be the last straw.

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