SAA extends redemption period for old frequent flyer programme to 28 Feb

South African Airways (SAA) recently launched a new frequent flyer programme to replace the current mileage-based system. From 1 February 2015, SAA Voyager, the airlines’ frequent flyer programme, will operate on a revenue-based structure.

To accommodate certain factions of its current frequent flyer members, SAA also announced that it would extend the redemption date for awards on the old programme until 28 February 2015 at 23:00 GMT.

South African Airways

Suretha Cruse, SAA Executive Customer Loyalty, explained, “It was well understood that members who have earned Miles as per the mileage-based model, could feel disadvantaged by the revenue-based redemption model when requesting high yield fares and therefore all members were given 64 days to exercise their right to redeem Miles as per the mileage-based model if required.”

“This extension is therefore given, without hesitation by SAA, in response to feedback from our members in terms of the new Dynamic Awards introduced by SAA Voyager. This will allow members a further period to review their options available.”

“The primary benchmark against which our changes were made was a direct response to our customers’ needs. Members wanted to be rewarded for their loyalty based on revenue instead of distance travelled. Members also demanded more redemption options without restrictions and clear transparency in terms of a currency value of a Mile and they requested minimum cash cost against redemptions.”

Under the new revenue-based frequent flyer programme, members can earn Miles at 1 Mile for every R1.60 spent on the base fare and fuel surcharge on SAA operated flights only. Miles will also be converted as a full form of payment for both the base fare and fuel surcharge.

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