Ship Your Enemies Glitter – a stunt or a criminal act?

He is an expert in SEO and online marketing. Mat Carpenter a 22-year Australian duped the media by making them believe that his website ships packaged glitters to enemies of his customers at only AU $10.

Mat Carpenter said he only pulled a stunt. He pulled a big joke on us to make his big sale? What he did was to take a lot of orders processed them, shipped them out and then sells out the site for $ 85,000 USD to a buyer on the pretext that the buyer will complete all outstanding orders and continue with the site as a going concern. sold for 85k

“In what is now the Observer’s second big exclusive on a media stunt that fooled nearly everyone in media, I was able to ask Mathew some questions about what happened, what he saw and what he learned and how this stunt came to be,” Holiday writes. “I hope his answers provide some insight for readers on how the news works these days—but more importantly I hope it chastises increasingly lazy reporters.”

Carpenter had discontinued with orders by issuing a plea on startup aggregator Product Hunt to customers to stop buying this horrible product. It is very easy to act mischievously when you are to fulfill a legal obligation by offering products to customers that you do not receive much revenue from. His emails to customers revealed his exasperation and panic indicating the possibility of delays in delivery time.

The upcoming prominent SEO expert and online marketer might have taken the bait and given up on his new business which had gone viral and was probably overwhelmed with his sudden success. He decides to sell of the business at wholesale value and to save face communicated his act had always been his decision before the start of the business. He is cast into the lime light as a diabolical puppet master awfully manipulating people’s intelligence to his advantage.

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