Shocking Ways You Are Harming Your Teeth

Shocking Ways You Are Harming Your Teeth

Every person desires to have sparkling white teeth. Even you do. Am I right? But even after taking tremendous care and brushing your teeth twice a day, you end up will dull, ugly, and yellow teeth. But how is this possible? Basically, each and every disease is related with our diet. So, there must be something that we are in-taking in the wrong way or in too much proportion. Don’t worry … we are here to assist you.

Drinking green tea too often

Considering that green tea is healthy for you is pretty confusing. Even though it helps in some or the other way to keep us fit, it also causes damage to our precious teeth.


One glass of chilled lemonade may help you survive the heat of the summer but on the other had may damage your teeth. Its high content of acids may cause damage to your enamel ruining your smile.

Sports drink

Many people follow the myth that sport drinks prove good to the body. In fact, its high sugar content may cause decay in the teeth.

White wine

Where red wine plays an important role in keeping your teeth safe, white wine, on the other hand, does the exact opposite. Over consumption of this may lead to tooth decay.

Green juices and smoothies

People over-consume green juices and smoothies as they keep us healthy. But this also causes increase on the acidic content harming your enamel.

So friends, beware of these food items if you want your teeth to shine and smile to be bright. Keep smiling.

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