Smart City Using Smart Garbage Bins

The smart garbage bin is a technology-based bin. A smart city requires a smart, connected and intelligent waste management system for a clean and green environment. The Vijayawada Municipal Corporation has initiated a pilot project called underground waste management system using a smart garbage bin. It is an ecofriendly method for the garbage management and also keeps the environment and roads free of filth.

Smart City Using Smart Garbage Bins

The system has GPS, sensors, three deep collection bins and SMS alert system. The three color coded bins of about 10-feet deep can accumulate 4.5 Tonnes of garbage. The bins are placed half inside the ground with propylene durable bags placed inside for easy emptying. The bins have GPS location that helps easy identification of the location and ultrasonic sensors that send alerts to the specially designed trucks and control centers when the garbage bins are 90% full. These special trucks can empty the propylene bags easily.

The civic body’s crucial task is the management of about 550 Tonnes of garbage that is generated daily. The VMC had earlier tried an “Underground Smart Bins” project started by a city-based start-up firm, which was later shut down for reasons not known. The USB did not have SMS alert systems and dealt only with cleanliness.

The system has been set up in Andhra Loyola College for now and will be set up in the nearby locations soon. About 9.5 Lakhs have been spent on the project and it is implemented by EcoGarb in the Arcot municipality of Tamil Nadu.

It’s thus a good start for the Bharat Swachh Abhiyan.

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