Smartphone for Which You Can Ditch Your DSLR

This is the era where smartphones rule the world. They have replaced almost each and every gadget. There is not a single thing that the smartphones are not able to do. The DSLR cameras are also not spared by the smartphones. Today’s smartphone have so much powerful camera that they have forced the users to ditch their DSLR. If you too want such smartphones, here are some worth considering.

Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 edge

Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 edge

Truly speaking, there was a tough competition to choose one in the race. The Samsung galaxy S7 and S7 edge has won the race though. The main reason for recommending the S7 over the iPhone 7 Plus is the price factor. Now, the S7 is available for Rs 43K only. Speaking about the important factor, its f/1.7 aperture perfectly captures the image and ample amount of light giving better quality of images. On top of this, the UI of the camera section is bundled with lots of shooting modes and tweaks.

iPhone 7 Plus/Google Pixel XL

iPhone 7 Plus Google Pixel XL

We were not sure as to which smartphone should hold the second position. Hence we decided to give both of them the same spot.

The iPhone has perfectly integrated the dual camera setup. The portrait mode with phenomenal depth of field will indeed create a boom. But Apple does not have that much control on its cameras as much as Android. The Pixel XL has the fastest autofocus that can beat the iPhone 7 Plus. It has amazing low light capability and is able to shoot stable 4K videos.

So friends, these smartphones are worth your DSLR. And trust us, you won’t regret buying them.

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