Songkran festival in Bangkok

In its culture having fun is part of their tradition. In the heat of the month of April the country go bananas in friendly water fights and street parties that can last for almost a week. In this blissful season major malls remain open with many other shops, offices including banks closing down for the celebration. A lot of the residents in Bangkok use this opportunity to travel back to their home towns to re-unite with extended families. Most tourists travel to Bangkok during this festive season to join residents celebrate this colorful and festive occasion. This has officially been slated for the month of April from 13th to 15th with a 3-day long holiday break.

Songkran Festival in Thailand

What Songkran Is

It’s an occasion for families to re-unite, visit temples and perform annual house cleaning. Thais usually spend the holidays by spending time with family and friends. The Rod Nam Dum Hua traditional ritual is often performed on the first day of the festive Songkran, it is officially called the National Elderly Day. On this day, the young people go in to pour fragrant water in the palms of the elderly symbolizing an act of humility and ask for their blessings. On the second day which is set aside as the National Family Day, witness Families waking up very early on that day to give alms to alms and spend the rest of the day by spending time with family.

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The Symbolism Of The Water

The meaning behind the splashing of water on the individual is to signify the washing away of misfortunes from the person, misfortunes of the past year and welcome in good fortunes of the present year.


The five kilometer length street becomes densely packed with young Thais, all with their spraying equipments ready to pop some few sprays of water on others in sheer fun. Those who do not wish to be wet can also enjoy the festivity fully by keeping to the BTS sky walk that runs above the street where you can fully witness the function. There will be firetrucks ambushed at each intersection with their powerful water hose to hose down the cheerful crowd. The excited crowd are always happy to be hosed down due to the extreme heat from the sun.

Phra Pradaeng District

The festive here is more traditional for those who enjoy the more traditional stuff. The festive in this district is usually celebrated a week later than in central Bangkok. You’re set to enjoy series of great cultural activities such as Raman dances, ‘Saba’ game, boat race, flora float parades among others with a mix of fun water splashes.

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